Feature Film- Casting Three Roles!!


Three Roles I need to fill!



Scragland is a futurist thriller about a man and his family fighting to survive persecution from their enemies in the futuristic United States.
Call Backs: August 25th ish- TBA
Shoot Location: Orange and Lake Counties

Shoot Dates: October 1st- 16th.

*****JAM- (Primary character) short for James

Side kick of Bronson
Day Rate: $100.00 (agents from this rate)
Estimated 10 days of filming

Caucasian, male, 18 years old, baby face
doesn’t like any Scrags.
His family all killed by Scrags.
He has long brown hair and beard.
Traits- gambler, honest, loyal
Strengths-resourceful, good shot Weakness-impulsive, vengeful

Goals-(Initial) wants to help Bronson, and survive, develop a relationship with Missle, (Later) Help Bronson develop this new society.

Supporting Characters:

*****Raven-Male (Support Character)-Rebel

African – American, 30 years old
Estimated 3 days shooting
Rate: $50.00 per day

*******FEMALE CLERK- (Support Character) Breeding Center Clerk

Estimated 1/2 day of filming
Rate: $50.00 per day
African- American, woman, 40’s



EMAIL- movie@reelkasting.com


1) Headshot

2) Resume

3) contact information

Video Audition Directions will be sent to you Automatically. Get Video auditions in ASAP PLEASE!!

Once you submit your Audition- Email us back and let us know it’s in the drive.

Feature Film- Casting Three Roles!!
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